Global Track Record

Simplify spend reporting on a global scale with SpendMate. Click here to access and read our published SpendMate whitepaper.

Spend Reporting, Simplified

Built for Growth

Like all of the tools in the Cresen Solutions suite, SpendMate was created in partnership with life sciences and pharmaceutical customers. SpendMate enables companies to start spend reporting quickly, cost effectively, and grows with companies as they expand globally.

Comprehensive Visibility

SpendMate provides a clear snapshop for every stage of spending data.

Efficient in Form
and Function

Business logic driven
user interface

User Friendly

Add or remove attributes and business rules at any time without impacting legacy data


Access fully customizable forms and templates on demand


SpendMate easily integrates with external data sources and fully supports integration to many types of company data including:
SpendMate supports REST API open integration for automated API based interfaces, as well as full support for file-based data integration.

Demonstrated Versatility

SpendMate’s modular design allows for choice:
Import data from various sources and pass to an existing reporting platform

Use Spend Mate’s end-to-end process to import data and utilize built-in reporting templates