Compliance Analytics

Access our compliance data analysis tool to gain valuable insights into your compliance program. 


Compliance Analytics

Cresen enhances process effectiveness analysis by leveraging diverse datasets, including T&E / Concur, Financial Payments and Transparency transfer of values. Through a meticulous ETL processes, raw data is refined and stored in a specialized compliance analytics data warehouse. Cresen not only recommends standard metrics but also develops customized KPIs to pinpoint outliers and identify any discrepancies in the process or data. Our MonitorMate system incorporates these findings, allowing for tailored management of identified issues via a customized Remediation Process.


Metrics – such as meals with repeat attendees, meals exceeding limit, speaker program with less HCPs, cancelled programs with paid Fee for Service, incentive compensation variance compared to prior period, MIRFS variance compared to prior period, and more – aid in identifying KRIs for sales representatives and HCPs. Consolidating these KRIs provides a comprehensive view of the overall risk.


Our Approach

Cresen’s approach to custom metrics fosters a deeper, more tailored analytical perspective, empowering organizations with enhanced insights for informed decision-making and continual enhancement of monitoring and reporting processes.

End-to-End Compliance Analytics Management



All findings identified through Compliance Analytics are meticulously tracked within our MonitorMate platform, ensuring seamless issue management and associated remediation tracking. To discover the full capabilities of MonitorMate, please click the “Learn More” button.

Talk To Your Data

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, Cresen streamlines the report generation process. This integration allows for seamless transition from dataset analysis to report creation, offering users the capability to interact directly through chat and efficiently access specific data. This feature enhances user experience by providing immediate, conversational data lookup and analysis, simplifying the process of obtaining insights from complex datasets.


Our Analytics Tool

Access our compliance data analysis tool to gain valuable insights into your compliance program. Analyze data, identify trends, and improve decision-making for enhanced compliance management. Conduct comparative analysis on the U.S. publicly reported data to CMS.

Review competitor spend within the same product category.

Compare Key Opinion Leader (KOL) payments for future planning and risk assessment.