Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Auditing

MonitorMate empowers compliance teams with automated, intelligent, and precise risk management, monitoring, auditing, and remediation, propelling them towards a streamlined and seamless compliance journey.

What is MonitorMate?

MonitorMate offers a streamlined and robust solution tailored for the complexities of the Risk Monitoring lifecycle. It is highly customizable to align with each client’s distinct business processes. Featuring a versatile architecture, MonitorMate encompasses comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including the assessment of global risks (encompassing both country and activity-based risks), the development of mitigation strategies, and the implementation of finely-tuned monitoring plans.  It excels in tracking worldwide monitoring activities, managing issues effectively, remediating identified problems, and delivering real-time data analytics for informed decision-making.

Key Features

MonitorMate Lifecycle



MonitorMate is a flexible solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any company. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of source systems and allows for complex business rules without coding. Custom user roles and permissions ensure that users only have access to the data they need.


MonitorMate's intuitive interface and simple navigation streamlines risk monitoring with a question-based approach and color-coded risk values. The system is built entirely entirely around a company’s specific needs and can be conveniently converted into any language.


MonitorMate helps organizations save time and money. It has an advanced workflow that can be built to match or enhance a company’s current practices. Custom dashboards and visuals can be designed to help provide businesses with access to data-driven insights that aid in making informed business decisions.

Automated Workflow

MonitorMate streamlines issue mitigation and risk assessment with automated workflows and email notifications. Customizable reminders alert business users, while an Audit Trail and Workflow Chevron provide tracking of activity dates, current status, and steps.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time, customizable dashboards featuring metrics for Plan vs. Actual, Monitoring Summaries, Remediation Reports, Risk Assessment, Email Monitoring, and Activity Summaries. Users can tailor metrics by visual style, specific metric types, and branding colors.

Global Compliance

MonitorMate allows you to efficiently track risk assessment, monitoring outcomes, and remediation efforts globally. It offers tailored, restricted access features, ensuring that Compliance teams at the country or regional level can securely manage and view relevant data.

AI- enabled Document Search

Features an AI-powered document search tool, using ChatGPT technology which allows users to quickly query documents stored in the document repository. This feature provides instant, chat-style responses, enhancing user experience with efficient information retrieval.


What Else Can MonitorMate Do?

Don’t settle for a one-dimensional system.  MonitorMate’s diverse platform covers all your needs, from the essentials to advanced compliance and communication tracking.