Built with Compliance Top of Mind

MonitorMate by Cresen Solutions provides advanced compliance monitoring and auditing solutions. Safeguard your business with real-time data monitoring and comprehensive compliance solutions. Automate your monitoring process so users can easily see the monitoring plan, track its execution, and ensure remediation has been completed. Click here to access and read our published MonitorMate whitepaper.

Risk Monitoring, Simplified


Flexibility is Part of the Design

To be truly user friendly, MonitorMate is fully adaptable to each customer’s unique business process.

Easy to Use:


Disrupting the Norm to Serve the Need

Cresen Solutions was the first to see that a comprehensive, compliance-focused tool was needed to support risk monitoring processes.
Some platforms in the space adapt older tools intended for other industries and functions. The Cresen Solutions team knows this from experience, having used clunky tools in their past compliance roles.
MonitorMate’s creation, in collaboration with existing life sciences customers, was grounded in service to compliance professionals. MonitorMate makes monitoring data easy to manage and easy to analyze.


Comprehensive Dashboards
Tell the Story

MonitorMate provides a comprehensive set of dashboards – accessible to all levels of the compliance organization – to facilitate instant monitoring remediation and escalation.