Healthcare Engagement

EngageMate is a powerful HCP/HCO engagement tool that solves the problems presented by the engagement lifecycle. It allows for the management of the entire engagement process globally.

What is EngageMate?

EngageMate is a workflow-based software for life sciences companies that simplifies and secures HCP/HCO engagements, offering improved communication, compliance, and data-driven insights. This helps life sciences firms strengthen relationships, reduce risk, and make informed decisions about their engagement strategies.

Global HCP Engagement

Take control of your HCP interactions. Customize workflows, analyze data in real-time, and optimize engagement strategies for improved compliance and impact with EngageMate

EngageMate Lifecycle

Key Benefits

Streamlined Workflow

EngageMate automates the business lifecycle of any needs assessment from business planning through closeout. This streamlines the workflow and makes it easier to track and manage activities, approvals, FMV tiers and rates all in one place.

Global Compliance

EngageMate can be used to track and manage engagements around the globe, with service providers from many countries. This helps companies to ensure compliance with external government regulations and internal company policies.


EngageMate is a highly flexible system that can be easily configured with administrative capabilities to meet the specific needs of any company. This includes the ability to create and edit forms, needs assessment qualifications, manage users, and language translations.

Ease of Use

EngageMate is designed to be easy to use, even for users with limited technical experience. Most users can pick up the navigation and use of the system after one self-guided training session.

Real-time Insights

EngageMate provides customizable dashboards that pull information from the system in real-time to provide metrics for activities, service providers used, approvals, and closeout alerts. This gives companies the insights they need to make better decisions about their engagements.

Sanctions and Debarment

Our AI-powered sanctions and exclusion data lake, your comprehensive solution for navigating the complexities of physician sanctions. By consolidating data from state medical boards and the OIG, we offer a centralized hub for informed decision-making.

While avoiding debarred physicians may seem straightforward, the real challenge lies in assessing sanctioned physicians. Our AI-driven data lake streamlines this process by condensing lengthy court sanction orders into concise summaries, readily accessible to business users. This invaluable resource empowers you to swiftly evaluate whether to engage certain physicians, enhancing efficiency and risk management