Med Device Use Case

From Chaos to Control: How Cresen Solutions Streamlined Global Expense Reporting for a Medical Device Company   THE CHALLENGE A medical device company was buried in a manual expense reporting system, leading to chronic budget overruns and a lack of control.  Their reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes made data collection, reporting, and accuracy a […]

Introducing LifeSciencesGPT

Redefining Compliance in Life Sciences We are thrilled to unveil our newest offering, LifeSciencesGPT!  LifeSciencesGPT is a revolutionary product engineered using artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT technology to elevate and reshape compliance practices within life science.   LifeSciencesGPT Features: Email/Communications Monitoring: Harness the power of AI to ensure all communications are compliant and follow company […]

Streamlining Compliance Management

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and compliance is crucial to the success of companies in this space. Ensuring adherence to regulations and guidelines requires a rigorous monitoring process, effective management of engagements with service providers, and efficient data processing for transparency reporting. Cresen Solutions offers three products that enable companies to achieve compliance seamlessly […]

Compliance Monitoring Should Not Be Difficult

MonitorMate: Revolutionizing Risk Management Cresen Solutions is a leading provider of tailored solutions for the life sciences industry. We are committed to delivering unparalleled results through our experience, quality, and innovation. Our flagship product, MonitorMate, is a risk management, auditing, and monitoring tool that helps life science companies improve efficiency and reduce costs. It streamlines […]