Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Enhancing Compliance with AI /ML ​

At Cresen Solutions, we believe that AI/ML can play a vital role in helping life sciences companies comply with complex and ever-evolving regulations. That’s why we’re developing innovative AI/ML-powered solutions to help compliance teams streamline their workflows, identify and mitigate risks, and ensure that their organizations are always compliant.

LifeSciencesGPT ​

Cresen Solutions, a pioneer in commercial compliance solutions, recently unveiled LifeSciencesGPT. LifeSciencesGPT is a revolutionary product engineered using Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT technology to elevate and reshape compliance practices within life science.

LifeSciencesGPT Features

Policy, Procedures, and Training Manuals

Easily access and understand company documentation.

FDA Warning Letters, Regulatory Sanctions, and Settlements, CIAs

Effortlessly explains complex documents.

Question your Data

Ask questions directly related to your data.

Sanctions and Debarments

Seamlessly navigate through contracts with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and unveil cases involving debarred or sanctioned professionals.

Email/Communications Monitoring

Harness the power of AI to ensure all communications are compliant and follow company regulations.

Integration with Cresen’s Compliance Digest

Effortlessly navigate transparency and reporting laws.

Why Use LifeSciencesGPT?

Unparalleled Expertise

Crafted by experts, LifeSciencesGPT is finely attuned to your unique needs.

Real-time Alerts

Provides immediate feedback on policy adherence, regulations, violations, and more.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your policies and procedures to answer company-specific questions.

Unlock Enhanced Monitoring Decisions Through
Predictive Analysis with EZPredict

What is EZPredict?

EZPredict is our cutting-edge AI solution that proactively identifies potential risk based on your HCP engagement data. By leveraging its unparalleled accuracy in predicting monitoring needs, EZPredict empowers your systems with intelligence and streamlines your operations for enhanced efficiency.

Our Process

Why Choose EZPredict?

Proactive Monitoring

EZPredict doesn’t just forecast which events or records warrant monitoring—we automate and streamline the ensuing processes. Our solution significantly reduces the manual workload, enabling Data Submitters to allocate their expertise where it’s needed most.

Operational Excellence

Step into a new era with EZPredict, where seamless data-driven decisions are not just an aspiration but a daily reality. Embrace operational excellence and watch as efficiency becomes an inherent part of your workflow.