Determine Whether Your KRIs are Leading or Lagging Indicators For Better Compliance Planning

By Robert Zelinsky on July 19, 2019

Are your KRIs actually protecting your company? Or are they just giving you a false sense of security?

How to Conduct Your Internal Risk Audit for Your Compliance Program

By Robert Zelinsky on June 28, 2019

When one of the world’s largest life sciences companies is accused of bribery, misconduct, and corruption, everyone in the industry takes notice. Fresenius Medical, a multinational dialysis equipment provider, agreed to pay $231 million towards resolving alleged FCPA violations in March 2019

Strengthen Your Compliance Roadmap With Actionable KRIs

By Robert Zelinsky on May 22, 2019

Are your sales reps exceeding event spending caps? Do you have a firm grip on expenditures for things like meals, travel, and consulting fees? Are you monitoring your company's relationships with higher risk partners like patient assistance programs, patient advocacy groups, and managed care organizations?