Monitor-Mate - Global risk monitoring platform

Cresen Solutions has developed a question-based analytical model for accessing, monitoring and evaluating Global Risk for different activities like Speaker Programs, Grants, Sponsorships, Third-Party interactions etc. Monitor-Mate is a unique and efficient cloud based capability provided by Cresen Solutions for Global Risk Monitoring The end-to-end process involves the creation of a formal global risk assessment, driving a calibrated monitoring plan directly from global risk assessment, enabling cloud-based easy to use monitoring testing protocol capabilities, and capturing the results in real-time across the globe. In addition, the monitoring results, remediation and escalation across all monitored activities are instantly made available through a comprehensive set of dashboards available to all levels of the Compliance organization.

Risk Assessment

  • Creation of Risk Assessment for different activities like Speaker Programs, Grants, Sponsorships, Third-Party interactions etc.
  • Calculation of Risk Rating based on the weights of each input within the analytical model
  • Cell highlights to identify required fields for business user
  • Field-based Hover overs to provide customized business guidance
  • Dynamic color-coded Risk Ratings to quickly identify the severity

Monitoring Plan

  • Monitoring Plan driven by captured and calculated Risk Assessment
  • Auto calculation of Live or Post monitoring events based on business parameters
  • Workflows for local Compliance Officer and Regional Compliance officer
  • Field based hover overs to provide business guidance
  • User friendly and Intuitive UI to guide user through the entire Monitoring Plan process

Event Monitoring

  • Question based monitoring model to minimize user errors
  • Dynamic capture of monitoring results based on questions answered
  • Integrated Business Rules to reduce user entry errors
  • Cell highlights to indicate required and non-required fields
  • Allows controlled capture of partial data to improve user experience

Comprehensive Dashboards

  • Capture Plan vs Actual monitoring real time.
  • Capture monitoring results to evaluate risk in real time.
  • Capture risk profiles across activities in a single view
  • Highlight problematic activities based on findings to quickly understand areas of focus.
  • Integrated Operational Metrics for continuous process improvement actions