DATA EZ - Global transparency reporting platform

DataEZ was created to enable simple and effective data capture in support of Transparency Reporting Initiatives. It is designed to simplify data entry/data upload via an easy to use set of screens leveraging custom business rules. Data EZ improves data integrity by reducing duplicate data and standardizes overall business processing. The platform can be connected to existing reporting systems or can be configured to fully support your transparency reporting needs. The tool empowers the business user with a flexible, set of user customizable templates that reduces the total cost of your aggregate spend solution by enabling the use of a single interface into your reporting platform of choice. Data EZ is built using the latest OpenSource technologies to reduce cost, while increasing productivity. It will provide clients a tool for both internal and 3rd party data capture and will eliminate the need for error prone spreadsheets.


  • Use our prebuilt templates or customize and build your own
  • Configure required fields – easily identifiable with red border
  • Business logic driven intuitive UI
  • Define maximum data lengths for each field
  • Organize fields into sections like Customer, Spend, and Event for easy visualization and convenience

Customer Master

  • Auto generate Customer profiles from unique transactions
  • Customer attributes can be changed in real time
  • Assigns unique Customer identifiers
  • Can be connected to any external Customer Master sources like to Onekey or Veeva Open data through web services

Customer Search Configuration

  • Fully customize and dynamically update your Customer search fields on the fly for improved customer lookup and discovery
  • Filter i.e. add or remove country for customer lookup dynamically

Customer Merge

  • Integrated Customer Merge functionality to create a single customer out of many similar profiles
  • Streamlined Customer Merge capability built into UI for easy to use business functionality

Customer Unmerge

  • Unmerge Customer if merged in error
  • Single click business administration operation to perform Unmerge

Consent Configuration

  • Consent configuration through UI for evolving Country-specific Consent regulations
  • Consent configuration based on HCP or HCO by country
  • Consent configuration for Transparency disclosure and non Transparency disclosure countries

SAP Integration

  • SAP Invoice lookup through Data EZ Interface to validate spend
  • Invoice split functionality, if multiple activity was invoiced together in SAP
  • Dynamic VAT configuration by Country
  • SAP vendor master management

Global Reporting - Auto Generated Country Specific Reporting

  • Included templates for EFPIA reporting
  • Included Federal and State reporting templates