PowerCMS - Open Payment Data Analytics

Open payments dataset contains all transfer of values made to a physician and teaching hospitals. The data set can be analyzed to answer some of very interesting questions as follows

  • How does Organizations spend on competitive drugs in terms of Meals, Consulting, Research etc.
  • Which physicians does the competitors target and how much do they spend on each physician.
  • Who are the top physicians by spend and by specialty
  • How many distinct physician have your competitors targeted for thier drugs.
  • Which are the top teaching hospitals by spend

Global Grants Data Analytics

Global Grants Analytics will provide an insight into Organization's Grants program by analyzing key metrics such as

  • Grants requested vs funded over time, business unit and request types(Exhibits, Medical/Commercial Sponsorships etc)
  • Top funded Organization across business unit and request types
  • requested and approved grants by region or country
  • Average processing time to payment by business unit and request types
  • Average time to decision, Reconciliation and closeout

HCP Contracting/Fee for service Data Analytics

HCP Contracting data analytics can provide insight into different phases of contracting process like Needs Assessment, Contracting, Projects, Expense and Payments, Tiering etc. Following are some of the key metrics

  • Needs assessment by different activities (Advisory boards, Speaker engagements etc) and business units
  • Needs assessment operational metrics like Average # of days from submission to meeting, Submission to approval, approvals on first submission etc
  • Total spend by projects, Total payment to HCPs, Average # of days from Event to Check cut date
  • Speaker bureau composition, Current speaker utilization
  • Operational metrics like Redlined contracts, Expedited contracts, Tiering durations and sanctions

Risk Monitoring Data Analytics

Risk Monitoring Data Analytics can be used to understand real-time Organization Risk by analyzing the current state of your monitoring program through a set of integrated metrics and visualizations:

  • Heat Map of Risk assessment (Very High, High, Medium, Low) by country or therapeutic area
  • Planned vs. Actual by activities (Speaker program, Hospitality etc.), Country and/or therapeutic area
  • Monitoring results, findings, remediation and escalation analysis in real-time
  • Operational metrics such as # of days for monitoring close-out by activity, country and/or therapeutic area